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Bash is the reason I still have my dog. He is the most empathetic, non-judgemental and determined dog trainer I have ever met. He is truly in this business for a love of dogs and wanting dogs to thrive and be happy, and he saw the good in my dog when no one else did. The biggest thing: he accepted and loved my dog for who he is, not who society says he should be. I was never shamed as an owner, I was never stressed without him already knowing, and I was always listened to and our concerns were heard. My dog is actually happier to see him than he is to see me! We will never consult another professional, this is our place. I owe him my dog's life.

Allegra J.

It’s always a pleasure to work with Bash. He’s knowledgeable, helpful, patient and always up to explaining or physically showing how to properly teach a command or new trick to a dog to ensure you and your best friend have a successful training session.
I’m always impressed with his technique and his way with dogs, he understands them better than most people I’ve seen. He knows how to read a situation properly and figure out why or what is causing a dog to react the way it is. Then put together a plan to help you and your dog overcome the issue together, in the best way for the dog.
When working with Bash to teach your dog, you never feel threatened or invalidated. He hears what you have to say and actually listens, even if you think it may be the most ridiculous issue he’ll take the time to hear you out and evaluate the situation. Bash is one of those trainers that is all about the dog living it’s best life in the end, and helping you and your family to ensure that everyone can coexist with the dog together. He understands how important it is for not only the dog to feel comfortable and safe in your home, but for you to feel comfortable and safe with the dog living in your home. This meaning he’ll work out training sessions specifically tailored to you and your family, dog included, to get the best and happiest results.

When going to Bash for training your dog, you just can’t go wrong. I will always recommend him and his services to everyone I know.

Parker N.

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