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It's time to work with your dogs, not against them

Welcome to Maximum Obedience! We are a dog training program based on the East Coast. We focus on helping by bridging the training gap from our basic obedience packages all the way to helping dogs mitigate both physical or mental disabilities for their handlers through our service dog packages.


Gentle. Respectful. Fun.

There are a thousand ways to train a dog, but that's not to say that those will all work as effectively as one another. Here at Maximum Obedience, we understand that your beloved canine companion is not just that, but he is his own self. That means, that we will tailor the training to the pace and methods that your pup is comfortable with, in accordance with both LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) and balanced training methods. 
Consent begins with the dog. 

"I want them to be happy. We, as a species, have taken dogs and brought them to this point. We have produced what we have wanted from them and ultimately, we have lost sight of that - of what they deserve. They deserve happiness. We owe that much to them."

- Bash, Founder